Aenean feugiat

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Phasellus vel blandit risus, sed scelerisque magna. Curabitur ac malesuada quam. Nulla facilisi. In metus elit, rutrum non ornare id, tincidunt vitae diam. Aenean feugiat accumsan lacus eu placerat. Donec volutpat laoreet turpis at pharetra. Nam eget cursus est. Donec egestas adipiscing libero in sagittis. Cras et ante eget mi lobortis tempus id sed diam. Donec et enim vitae ante semper fermentum. Phasellus sit amet massa faucibus, molestie lorem eu, bibendum sapien. Fusce ac hendrerit diam. Phasellus sed ligula mollis, malesuada dui eget, porta odio. Nam lobortis luctus dolor ut aliquam. Ut viverra feugiat pharetra. Curabitur faucibus nulla sapien, eget iaculis urna aliquet et.

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Aenean feugiat
Phasellus vel blandit risus, sed scelerisque magna. Curabitur ac malesuada quam. Nulla facilisi. In metus elit, rutrum non ornare id, tincidunt vitae diam. Aenean feugiat accumsan lacus eu placerat. D...

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Welcome to AnarikA, India's Latest Online Ethnic Store for Women

What is

AnarikA is an online shopping site in India for women.It is a legally registered company operating from Kochi, Kerala, India  with trademark registered as AnarikA. Anarika is one of the most trusted online shopping site in India. Our aim is to provide quality ethnic clothing materials for Women. AnarikA has started its humble journey as an online store selling Ethnic dress materials and we are thankful to all of you who supported us and made us a success story in this short period itself. We will continue to provide you latest designs and quality products at your door step.

Online Shopping Sites in India for Women, Trusted Online Shopping Site in India

What makes us Different from Other Stores?


We believe in quality and variety rather than quantity.We look for the variety of the products and its quality rather than stocking large quantities of items. We check the quality of the products send to you at various levels. Even we do check the material right before dispatch and if we find slight damage also we cancel the order and refund the customer.


We acquire products directly from manufacturers / wholesalers at the cheapest price possible and provides you the same at the best price possible in the Market. You can compare our prices with some of the well known dealers already in the market, It is the same product we supply but at much better price.

No Fake Discounts!!!!!!

We don't overstate the prices and then give discount on them, we try to provide the best quality products at best prices.

Real Price—What you see what you pay!!!!

Some times Online vendors adds costs such as  Tax, Handling Charges, Shipping Charges etc. to the price once you select the product, At Anarika we charge only the correct price with no addition of any sort of kind. We offer free shipping all over India and only charge for International Shipping.

Why buy Salwar, Kurtis, Dupatta and other ethnic materials online when you have Shops all around?

Online purchase is the future of shopping in India and more and more people are buying products.When you buy from online shopping sites in India, Products can be purchased at best prices as most of the online sites do not have establishment costs or huge running costs, this helps them to transfer those margin to consumers and ultimately consumer benefits out of this. You can buy quality salwar materials, Kurtis, Dupattas etc online at cheap prices. 

What Kind of Products are offered by AnarikA?

Anarika Offers in Salwar materials - Best Quality Pakistani salwar Materials, Best Quality Gota Patti Salwars, Best Quality Anarkali Salwar Materials, Georgette Designer Salwar Materials, Party Wear Quality Salwar Materials, Lawn Salwar Materials, Salwar Materials suitable for Winter ( Pashmina Salwar) , Salwar Materials suitable as Daily Wear, Beautifully Designed Cotton Salwar Materials , Ready to wear Salwars and all kinds of quality salwar materials at affordable prices.

Anarika Offers in Kurtis - Best Quality Pakistani Lawn Kurtis, Best Quality Rayon Kurtis, Best Quality Long Kurtis, Georgette Designer Kurtis, Party Wear Quality Kurtis, Beautiful Short Kurtis , Kurtis with Jackets , Kurtis suitable as Daily Wear, Beautifully Designed Office wear Kurtis and all kinds of quality Kurtis at affordable prices.

Anarika Offers in Dupattas- Best Quality Banarasi Dupatta, Best Quality Gota Patti Dupatta, Best Quality Phulkari Dupatta, Chiffon Dupatta, Party Wear Dupatta, Beautiful designed Khadi Dupatta ,Dupattas with Jari Work, Patola Design Dupatta, Beautifully Designed Chanderi Dupatta , Digital Print Dupatta , Pashmina Dupatta and all kinds of quality Dupattas at affordable prices.

Anarika Offers in Tops- Best Quality Short Western Tops, Best Quality Designer Tops, Best Quality Rayon Tops, Beautiful Short Cotton Tops, Party Wear Tops, Beautiful Khadi Ponchos, Black and white short tops, Floral Print Tops, Checks Shirt for women and all kinds of quality Tops at affordable prices.

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